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It is not a new game, but an enhanced version of the great foobillard 3.0a by Florian Berger.

All software is licensed under the GPL and is still evolving.

Have a look on this side from time to time.

Do not be timid. Please let us know your ideas and suggestions. An excellent starting point is the


All the pictures and photos on this side are from the great


and from the game itself and from artwork of H. Schaekel. The Side-Template is from

All under GPL Licence, except the Template. It's under a free-use licence from JustDreamweaver.

Here you can download most of all

Here is a download-list for the most downloadable files for Foobillard++. But you can check the following direct link to sourceforge downloadsite for Foobillard++ too:

Please check the installation Hints. Now here are rpm-pakets. The bz2 Tarballs except the ones for ubuntu are old and archive.

Binary Ports for Linux

Please report broken, dead or not useable links directly to foobillard++ .

Binary Ports for Windows XP and later

Source for all

Dreamweaver template by