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It is not a new game, but an enhanced version of the great foobillard 3.0a by Florian Berger.

All software is licensed under the GPL and is still evolving.

Have a look on this side from time to time.

Do not be timid. Please let us know your ideas and suggestions. An excellent starting point is the


All the pictures and photos on this side are from the great


and from the game itself and from artwork of H. Schaekel. The Side-Template is from

All under GPL Licence, except the Template. It's under a free-use licence from JustDreamweaver.

2012.01.04 New version 3.42beta released

After much work on the code, a new release is ready for download. The new release changed from SDL-Sound to SDL-mixer with music-support (ogg and mp3). Much work on the codebase for some new fast math-routines and faster/smoother video. A new history-function for normal and tournament gameplay. The whole history data is based on xml-format. For Intel or AMD based systems a compiling with SSE intrinsics code is possible (not in the standard binary downloads).

From the download-section you can get more backgroundmusic directly. In the standard download are a few songs from the band "Zentriert ins Antlitz". Many thanks for their kind support, especially Marc Friedrich. The used songs are from the albums "Diametral" and "E.M.I.T.R - Colours". Have a look on their side

2012.01.03 Foobillard++ in Linux Distributions

Foobillard++ (foobillardplus) is now included in the following Linux distributions:

  • Archlinux (
  • Parabola GNU/Linux (
  • Vector Linux (
  • Frugalware (

2011.09.26 Windows MinGW/Msys Port released

With much thanks to the work of Robert Brandl, the Windows Port for 32 and 64 Bit Windows is ready. You can download the the latest version under Downloads. Please unzip the zip-file in a directory of your choice and write-access. Start the program foobillardplus.exe under the new directory foobillardplus. If you want a desktop icon please make sure, that you start the application directly under the folder foobillardplus and the working directory points to this.

2011.09.14 New Beta Version 3.4 released

Today the new beta-release is published. Look under downloads. The version 3.4beta has new textures, room with walls, furniture and wall-decorations like graffity, doors and windows. Some bugfixes and code optimizations are integrated.

You can handle the display of the new textures over menu-options inside the view-options. Have fun...

Foobillard++ the new foobillard

For a few years, the original developement page of foobillard is no longer reachable and stagnated development.

The former foobillard 3.0a by Florian Berger is a pool game that deserves further development. For this reason this site was built.

The development has been resumed and the result is now visible of 4 months of work since early 2011 on the download pages.

Have a lot of fun with the game.

Whats next

Currently we working on new features and ports to the program.

It therefore makes sense to visit us again.

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