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It is not a new game, but an enhanced version of the great foobillard 3.0a by Florian Berger.

All software is licensed under the GPL and is still evolving.

Have a look on this side from time to time.

Do not be timid. Please let us know your ideas and suggestions. An excellent starting point is the


All the pictures and photos on this side are from the great


and from the game itself and from artwork of H. Schaekel. The Side-Template is from

All under GPL Licence, except the Template. It's under a free-use licence from JustDreamweaver.



For all the packages (without the Windows-Port), you need some packages in your OS-Distribution. Without the packages, foobillard++ is not be able to run..... Please check your OS-Distribution for this packages. Most of them are standard and installed.

Binary Packages without installer (tarballs)

After downloading the tarball, you have only to extract it to a place where you have write access. One way is:

  • bunzip2 <xxx.tar.bz2>
    extract the bz2 archive
  • tar xvf <xxx.tar>
    extract the tar archive to ./foobillardplus
  • rm xx.tar
    delete the tarball

After the extracting there is a new directory named foobillardplus. Change to the directory ./foobillardplus/bin and start the program with ./foobillard. That's all.

Binary Packages for Linux (rpm-based)

Look for your distribution inside the downloads and install the rpm-package with the admin-tool of your Linux Derivat.

Binary Packages for Windows

Under Downloads is the link for the latest Windows Port for 32 and 64 Bit. Dowload the zip-file and extract it in a folder on your computer, where you have write access. Start the application foobillardplus.exe in the new folder foobillardplus. Thats all. If you create a desktop-icon, make sure, that the application starts directly in the folder foobillardplus with the location of the working directory under this folder.

If you have problems after changing some options, go directly to your user-folder (most: c:\users\[username]) and delete the file .foobillardrc. Restart the application.

Have fun.

Dreamweaver template by